Psychedelic (Psilocybin containing) mushrooms are currently labeled as a schedule I substance in the United States. This makes them illegal to possess or cultivate regardless of the outcome of any of the current municipal votes: the May 7th, 2019 Denver vote, and the June 4th, 2019 Oakland vote. The HSSS supports the decriminalization of all entheogen plant medicines (which includes psilocybin mushrooms). We support multiple local advocacy groups that are working to change the conversation.

What’s currently happening

city of oakland - June 4, 2019

The municipality of Oakland decriminalized entheogenic plants for personal adult use for individuals over the age of 21. This means the Oakland Police department is being directed to not prosecute or criminally pursue city residents who are in possession of natural or ritual based entheogens. These mainly include; Sacred mushrooms, peyote cactus, san pedro cactus, ayahuasca, ibogaine, and others. These plant based medicines have been used for thousands of years by ancient cultures for healing and ritualistic purposes. There is no basis in fact for them to be criminalized . Decriminalize Oakland committed to work with Oakland Civic and community leaders, and residents to develop a framework about effective and proper use, practice, set, setting, dosage, risk and benefits in a way that enable greater personal choice and agency in healing.

James representing in the lower right corner of the top picture.

James representing in the lower right corner of the top picture.

city of denver - May 7, 2019

The municipality of Denver, Colorado voted to decriminalize the use of psilocybin mushrooms for adults over the age of 21. Denver is the first major US city to reevaluate the conversation around psilocybin. Exploring the use of this mushroom to heal addiction, depression, and more - is a great step forward. Visit our allies page for more information on psilocybin advocacy groups

Denver goes first!

Denver goes first!

James at the hearings

The Final Vote at the Oakland hearing “Decriminalizing Entheogenic Plants” on June 4, 2019. Filmed by James McConchie

James speaking at the final vote for “Decriminalizing Entheogenic Plants” in Oakland, CA