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Mushroom Education and Psychedelic library

 Mushroom Wokshops

Our Mycology workshops teach small scale home mushroom cultivation of both gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.


You learn the main components of home mushroom cultivation from spore to fruit body (mushrooms).

The two hour workshop will be in a classroom setting at the HSSS lab space at 2080 Hayes St. in San Francisco, CA and “in the field” in Golden Gate Park (a short 2 block walk from the shop).


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Mycology 101


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Coming soon in mid-SEP 2019

Mission of Workshops

Part of HSSS’ mission is to offer people accessibility to resources and tools within mycology. We tier our workshop cost to try and make an entry point everyone can afford. You can upgrade in-class based on what supplies and mushroom varieties are available, but please be aware there is no guarantee of moving from tier 1 to tier 5 unless you pre-order. 

Grow Kits

Our grow kits are competitively priced to what’s currently available on the internet and are reusable for multiple grows! We don’t sell our kits individually yet. They are only available through taking a workshop,


We share the in-class curriculum that is shown for the workshop portion, take a walk in GG Park (weather permitting), and sip on some mushroom inspired beverages/coffee as we talk about how to grow mushrooms in your home.

If there is a particular part of the physical cultivation process that interests you, please reach out and we’ll do our best to focus on that topic in your workshop.

Each Class will provide:

Mushroom refreshments

workshop instruction

Outdoor mushroom foray in GG Park (weather permitting)


Online Help (tier 4 and 5): Questions about your grow will be addressed through social media channels by one of our mycologists. You receive up to 4 weeks of online support 2x a week from the date of your workshop. we work to answer your support questions as quickly as possible.


What you get:

Tier 1: $50

Mushroom Workshop Only In-class at our SF location

Tier 2: $100

Mushroom Workshop and take home sterilized grains for spore inoculation (2 jars, reusable)

Tier 3: $150

Workshop, sterilized Substrate for colonized grain spawn (5lbs)

Tier 4: $200

Workshop, sterilized grains, sterilized Substrate, grow bags, (Full HSSS Grow Kit), online help from HSSS through your first grow

Tier 5: $250

Workshop, Full HSSS Grow Kit, One Colonized ready to fruit or fruiting block of available Medicinal/gourmet Mushrooms (Lion’s mane, Oyster, Reishi, Shiitake, etc.. based on availability) online help from HSSS through your first grow

All prices are subject to change without notice